Domaine Franco-Chinois, originally conceived as a joint agricultural project between China and France, was first established as the Sino-French Cooperation Demonstration Vineyard in 2000. The estate officially adopted its present name, Domaine Franco-Chinois, in 2005.

Covering an area of 32.6 hectares, Domaine Franco-Chinois encompasses a vinification cellar, office building, and a wine-tasting area for guests. The cellar’s design and equipment—including automatic sulfur dioxide dispensers, floating lid wine tanks, as well as small fermentation tanks, and automatic cap pressing machines for individual processing of uncommon grape varieties—are all provided by France.

The architectural design of the Domaine Franco-Chinois complex incorporates the stately gray of the Great Wall and the red hues of the Forbidden City. The modern design concept achieves a seamless fusion of classical and contemporary elements as well as Eastern and Western cultures.



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Zhao Desheng joined Domaine Franco-Chinois in 2001, and in 2002, he was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture to study Vine and Wine Engineering at ENITA de Bordeaux in France. Zhao earned his master’s degree in enology from China Agricultural University in 2009.

With over 20 years of experience in winemaking in the Huailai region of Hebei Province, Zhao possesses extensive knowledge of the local terroir and the adaptability of various grape varieties. His winemaking approach, steeped in Eastern philosophy, deftly balances action and inaction, modernity and tradition in balanced coexistence. Zhao’s remarkable talents and winemaking prowess have garnered him the prestigious title of China’s Winemaker of the Year, awarded by RVF and Bettane & Desseauve on multiple occasions.

Zhao remarked, “Each year, the weather varies, leading to differences in the fermentation process and blending ratios for each grape variety. While winemaking may seem repetitive, but new challenges, changes, and surprises arise each year. The one constant, however, is Domaine Franco-Chinois’ unwavering pursuit of impeccable quality.”

  • Chinese Winemaker of the Year | 2017 Bettane & Desseauve
  • Star Winemaker | 2016 RVF Wine Quality Summit
  • Winemaker of the Year | 2015 China Wine Conference
  • Winemaker of the Year | 2014 RVF China