Domaine Franco-Chinois Grande Réserve

Sourced from a select block at Domaine Franco-Chinois, this wine is crafted from premium French grapevines that are on average 20 years old. Dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the blend is aged in French oak barrels for 18 months.

Hand-picked grapes undergo three sorting rounds for this limited-edition wine, only produced in the best vintages.

Full-bodied and richly layered with firm yet delicate tannins and a long, elegant finish. Each vintage wine label showcases a painting from the Ten Steeds Album, making it a wine worth both admiring and savoring.

Ten Steeds Album

Domaine Franco-Chinois blends Chinese and French influences in both winemaking and labeling. The Ten Steeds Album by Jean-Denis Attiret, an imperial painter for Emperor Qianlong, represents different vintages of the Domaine Franco-Chinois Grande Réserve.

Starting from 2011, the ten steeds: Red-flower Hawk, Snow Rush, Thunderbolt Speed, Lion Jade, Roaring Tiger, Cloud Treader, Free Rider, Handsome Virtue, Snow-dotted Eagle, and Fortunate Frost—have successively graced the bottle.

Western oil painting techniques give a realistic portrayal of the main subjects, while the backdrop fuses the legacy of conventional Chinese ink painting. The fascinating visual effect produced by the interplay of these two artistic approaches complements each other beautifully. The vintages from Domaine Franco-Chinois, akin to Jean-Denis Attiret’s equine depictions, meld the best of Chinese and French influences, ensuring a legacy that will endure for generations.

Tasting Notes

Dark crimson and a nose that’s both opulent and fine that might not look out of place in our recent line-up of 2009 Bordeaux. An aroma of ripe red tomatoes as well as strong Cabernet character. Well-judged oak. Lovely now.

Jancis Robinson

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